Controversia in materia di dazi antidumping tra USA, Cina e India

WTO 212x116.pngDiisputa al WTO: la Cina ha vinto una controversia in materia di dazi antidumping su acciaio e altri prodotti esportati negli Stati Uniti

WTO Dispute Settlement: China won against USA on a dispute on countervailing and anti-dumping measures on certain products from China



Logimar Calendar 2015, Superheroes at your service


Just another ironic picture for Logimar Calendar 2015. It 2014 was the Maori mood, 2015 is for superheroes... At your service.

"Do you need any help?" is the claim but it could be "The only thing we can't do is nothing", because we always do our best to satisfy our customers.



Economic Partnership Agreement tra Europa e Paesi dell'Africa Occidentale


I paesi dell'Africa occidentale hanno firmato un accordo di partenariato economico (APE) con l'UE. "Questo accordo aprirà la strada per una crescita economica sostenibile in Africa Occidentale”.

The West African Countries signed a economic partnership agreement (APE) with EU.


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