1. Logimar is founder member of Project Logistics Alliance


    Saponaro: "Riconoscimento importante che spetta a due sole aziende per ciascuna nazione e occasione di ulteriore crescita per Logimar"

    Project Logistics Alliance welcomes Logimar as founder member: starting from January 2017 Logimar joined the Network of Project Cargo specialists. 


  2. Gigantismo navale: i porti italiani si stanno attrezzando


    Nuovi investimenti dei porti italiani: per competere anche con i porti del Nord Europa nella nuova era delle grandi portacontainer.

    New investments in the Italian ports: to compete with the northeuropean ports in the new era of the big containership.


  3. Export: sud che boom!

    export regioni logimar 212.jpg

    Diffusi i dati del terzo trimestre delle esportazioni, regione per regione. Boom del sud Italia.

    Exportations third term figures were released, region by region.

    Boom of Southern Italy.





    2017 wouldn't be the same without Logimar Calendar! 

    If 2014 was the Maori mood, 2015 was for superheroes surviving the econimic crisis, 2016 was for the real leaders of the World, small and medium companies! 2017 is to look to the future, choosing the Force.

    This is our way to say thanks to all our customers and to all our partners around the World. Thank you.